Vibration Eliminators

Vibration Eliminators: AVFI’s vibration eliminators also called “rubber expansion joints” or “vibroshocks”, are an ideal pipe joint providing high flexibility, high tightness and good resistance to medium and climate. AVFI’s vibration eliminators are widely used in pipeline projects to manage pipe work expansion, vibration, slight misalignment and where inline chemicals transfer is involved. AVFI’s vibration eliminators are available with mild steel and stainless steel rings with design options including single sphere and double sphere. AVFI’s vibration eliminators range in size from DN 32 (32 mm) to DN 1200 (1200 mm). For full details please refer to AVFI’s vibration eliminator data sheet for full details.

Download ASF10 Rubber Vibration Eliminator Data Sheet
Rubber Vibration Eliminator

DN32 – DN1200
PN16 (Optional PN10 or PN25)
Drilling to suit many flange standards

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