Check Valves

Check Valves: AVFI specialise in a wide range of check valves (Non Return Valves) include tilting disc, swing type with lever and counter weight arms, wafer check, duo check, single flap check, flex check valves and ball check valves. Where stated, AVFI’s check valves comply with Australian Standards AS 4794, our check valves range in sizes from DN 10 (10 mm) to DN 1200 (1.2 metres) and pressure ratings vary from PN 6 (6 bar) to PN 40 (40 bar). Stocked check valves are available in a variety of materials such as cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, PVC and FIP thermoplastics. Positioners, limit (open/close) switches and relays can be fitted to check valves (non return valve) to suit order requirements. Refer to the appropriate data sheet for full details on AVFI check valves.

RSSC Resilient Seated Swing Check Valve

RSSC Resilient Seated Swing Check Valve

DN80 – DN300
Fitted with lever and weight
Made according to AS/NZS 4794
PN16 Rated
Optional limit switches available

Resilient Seated Flex Check Valve

DN80 – DN600
FBE coated ductile iron

ACB - 100
Ductile Iron Ball Check Valve

DN50 – DN500
FBE coated
Nitrile coated ball
DN50 BSP option available.

Cast Iron Wafer Single Flap Check Valve

DN50 – DN600
316 stainless steel disc

Cast Iron Wafer Duo Check Valve

DN50 – DN600
FBE coated
316 stainless steel disc
EPDM seat

D-AV-4000 Series
Double Flanged Seal on Disc Check Valve

DN100 – DN2000
Double eccentric designed disc
AS4020 approved coating
Series 14 face to face
Optional limit switch available

FIP PVC Wafer Swing Check Valve

DN40 – DN300
The CR wafer check valve is designed to be installed directly between flanges.
UPVC body and flap with an EPDM seal, PN5 rated @ 20°C

FIP PVC Angle Check Valve

DN10 – DN100
BSP or solvent weld available
Wide selection of body materials available

FIP Ball Check Valve

DN15 – DN50
PVC or ABS available
Viton and EPDM available

V - MP05
Wafer Duo Check Valve

DN50 – DN600
316 stainless steel
Wafer to suit ANSI150
Metal seat or soft seat

Wafer Spring Check Valve

DN15 – DN100
316 stainless steel
Rated to 40 bar

3 Piece Check Valve

DN8 – DN80 BSP
316 stainless steel
Spring loaded

Swing Check Valve

DN8 – DN80 BSP
316 stainless steel

Swing Check Flanged Valve

DN25 – DN350
ANSI150 & ANSI300
316 stainless steel

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