Air Valves

Air Release Valves: AVFI air release valve models include the Dorot series full bore air release/vacuum break valves for potable water application and AVFI's own established Australian Made air release valve range, the ARV-3N & ARV-4N, which are suitable for wastewater, sewerage and coal seam gas pipelines or systems. AVFI’s air release/vacuum break valves, range in sizes from DN 15 (15 mm) to DN 300 (300 mm) and pressure ratings varies from PN 10 (10 bar) to PN 40 (40 bar). Stocked air release/vacuum break valves are available in a variety of materials such as cast iron, ductile iron, plastic and stainless steel. Refer to appropriate data sheet for full details on AVFI air release/vacuum break valves.


DAV-P Dorot BSP Plastic Air Release Valve DN25 & DN50, PN16, automatic, kinetic and combination versions available.

Dorot BSP Plastic Air Release Valve

DN25 & DN50
Automatic, kinetic and combination
versions available

Download DAV-P Air Valve Data Sheet



DAV-MP Automatic Air Release Valve DN25 BSP, PN25, cast iron body.DAV - MP
Automatic Air Release Valve

Cast iron body

Download DAV-MP Air Valve Data Sheet


DAV-MH-KA Ductile Iron ARV DN50 - DN300, drilled to AS4087 CL16 PN16, PN25 & PN40 available, AS4087 flanged, reduced bore option available, surge arrestor option available.


Ductile Iron Release Valve

DN50 - DN300 drilled to AS 4087 CL16
PN16, PN25 & PN40 available
AS4087 flanged
Reduced bore option available
Surge arrestor option available

Download DAV-MH-KA Air Valve Data Sheet


ARV-3N 316 Stainless Steel, Sewer Air Release Valve DN50-DN150 flanged, DN50 BSP, PN16, Table D, E and ANSI flanges available.


ARV - 3N
316 Stainless Steel Sewer Air Release Valve

DN50 - DN150 flanged
Table D, E and ANSI flanges available

Download ARV-3N Air Valve Data Sheet


ARV-4N Air Release Valve for Wastewater Systems DN25 BSP, 15,20,40 & 50mm connections available, PN10, PN16, flanged version available, 316 stainless steel body, suitable for coal seam gas pipelines.


ARV - 4N
Air Release Valve for Wastewater Systems

15, 20, 40 & 50 mm connections available
PN10, PN16
Flanged version available
316 stainless steel body
Suitable for coal seam gas pipelines

Download ARV-4N Data Sheet

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