Control Valves

Control Valves: AVFI is a major supplier of automatic hydraulic control valves designed to suit a large range of pressure and flow control applications. As national distributor for well known and respected international manufacturing company DOROT, AVFI can build to order; Solenoid controlled valves, pressure reducing valves, pressure sustaining and relief controlled valve, flow rate controlled valves, excessive flow shut off valves, level float controlled valves, level differential float controlled valves, attitude controlled valves, surge anticipating valves and pressure differential sustaining valves. Available in fusion bonded epoxy coated ductile iron material, sizes range from DN 50 (50 mm) to DN 800 (800 mm) and pressure rating available in either PN 16 & PN 25.

AVFI also carries a range of direct acting control valves with adjustable setting allowing each valve to be set to suit the downstream pressure requirements. Direct acting control valve models are suitable for downstream pressure reduction, pressure relief or safety relief, available materials – brass, bronze and stainless steel. Direct acting control valves are available in sizes ranging from DN 15 (15 mm) to DN 100 (100 mm) depending on model, valve pressure rating ranges from PN 10 (10 bar) to PN 30 (30 bar). Our trained staff can assemble, set and test control valves to suit your piping or pumping system pressure requirements and provide an AVFI test certificate upon request. Refer to the appropriate data sheet for full details regarding sizes, application and performance on AVFI control valves.


Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

DN15 – DN50 BSP
Maximum inlet pressure is 2500 KPA
Outlet range is 150 – 600 KPA


Bronze Safety Relief Valve with Manual Lever

DN15 – DN80 BSP connection
PTFE seat with stainless steel spring
1 – 12 bar setting range
11 – 20 bar option available


316 Stainless Steel Safety Relief Valve

DN15 – DN50 BSP connection
Metal seat 1 – 12 bar setting range
High pressure and PTFE seat options available
11 – 20 bar option available


Bronze Safety Relief Valve

DN15 – DN80 BSP connection
PTFE seat with stainless steel spring
1 – 12 bar setting range
11 – 20 bar option available

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